AB-Roads is a specialised engineering and consulting firm which aims to enhance quality of roads and pavements by providing detailed technical advice and guidance on the design, the execution and control, (testing, failure analysis, inspection) of concrete roads, small element pavements and special applications such as industrial pavements, tram-bus lanes, parking roofs, tunnel pavements, water permeable pavements, airports, ...


ARAXOVAS  CONSTRUCTION,  with an experience dating back to 1998, has contributed a lot to the Greek construction industry.

Schools, wastewater treatment plants, buildings, army departments, small dams, rehabilitation marinas are some of Araxovas  Construction projects in the public sector. Hotels, luxury apartment, cottages, industrial buildings, photovoltaic projects, fences  in areas with  high security requirements , residential  renovations are examples of  Araxovas  Construction works in the private sector. An integral part of Araxovas Construction career is in real estate.


Carlos Jofré is a Civil Engineer graduated from the Technical School of Madrid. He has devoted a great part of his professional activity to topics related to the use of cement in pavements firstly in the Eduardo Torroja Institute, a worlwide known research centre, and in the Spanish Institute of the Cement and its Applications, where he was Technical Director until 2012. Mr. Jofré has participated in the design, construction and rehabilitation of many concrete pavements and cement-treated layers in several countries. He has conducted several research works on various topics. He has been a member of several commissions in charge of Spanish official specifications and standards dealing with concrete pavements. He is the author of many books and articles on topis of his speciality. He was a member of the PIARC's Committees on Concrete Pavements from 1987 to 2012.
Since 2012 Mr. Jofré is an independent consulting engineer.

He has been involved in EUPAVE's activities since its creation. He has chaired its Technical Committee and currently is a member of its Experts Groups. He is the main author of two of its technical publications.


Ditiki Ergolaviki is a Greek company specialized in high demand concrete projects.
It is a leader in concrete paving in Greece and boasts modern applications in rigid pavements such as on
• High - speed roads
• Port projects
• Airports
• Industrial surfaces.
Taking advantage of its long and extensive expertise in the construction industry, thanks to the competent and qualified staff as well as the proprietary sophisticated equipment, Ditiki Ergolaviki successfully meets the needs of the modern market for excellent quality and speedy completion of projects that require complex technological solutions. 


EUROVIA Germany seeks to promote social and economic development through solving future construction challenges and securing mobility in a sustainable manner. The group has more than 30 years of experience in concrete road paving, focusing mainly on traffic infrastructure projects.

EUROVIA offers a wide range of services, complemented by extensive expertise in the field of surveying, computational dimensioning and construction of concrete pavements. Supported by the group's own material testing institute, the EUROVIA concrete branch specializes mainly in constructing highway concrete roads including safety barriers, flight operation areas (runways, platforms) and industrial surfaces.


KWS Infra is active in both construction of large, complex and multidisciplinary infrastructural projects as well as small-scale projects for local governments and private clients.

KWS Infra has a nationwide coverage and are decentralized with regional offices subsidiaries and associates. KWS Infra is part of Koninklijke Volker Wessels Stevin, a broad internationally operating group of companies that is active in all types of construction in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. /  / /


Otto Alte-Teigeler (OAT) GROUP WORLDWIDE joins EUPAVE as partner.

OAT Group Worldwide is specialized on reconstruction of concrete and asphalt surfaces on
• Airports
• Highways
• Industrial used surfaces.

The OAT company was established in 1977 and is a family company with seven domestic branches in Germany. OAT also has a participating interest in a number of companies in Germany. There are many more companies and cooperations abroad with partners. Today the OAT group has more than 500 dedicated and highly qualified employees. OAT offers high performance in all domains, with short construction periods at reasonable prices.


ROBUCO is a Belgian company specialized in concrete treatments such as:
- Aggregate exposure
- Grinding and grooving
- Diamond sawing and drilling
- Joint Technics
- Surface protection applications
- Hydrocleaning and demolition
- Concrete repairment
- Dowel and tie-bar installation
- Injections and slab lifting.


Sepehr Ghafari, PhD, has been the design supervisor of pavement systems, geotechnical structures, deep and shallow foundations at PASAR consulting engineers in Iran from 2006.
Amongst his fulfilled projects in the field of concrete pavements are:
- Design and supervision of the construction of JRCP in the 40 kilometer eastern bypass of the Qaemiyeh province.
- Design and supervision of the construction of the RCC-HMA pavement in the western bypass of the Qaemiyeh province.
- Design of RCC pavement system for Nourabad-Babamonir highway.
- Design of RCC-HMA pavement system for Marand-Ivoghli highway rehabilitation.

He has been the project manager in construction of the JRCP pavement section in Qazvin-Takestan highway from 2015.
Academically, he has been an assistant professor for highway and pavement engineering courses at the department of civil and environmental engineering in Amirkabir (Tehran Polytechnic) university from 2006. Currently, he is the graduate level lecturer of advanced highway engineering courses. Having taught international short courses in concrete pavement analysis and design, he also has a fair number of published ISI and conference papers which include advanced analysis of concrete pavement systems.


SPECBEA (Spécialistes de la Chaussée en Béton et des Aménagements/ Association of Road and Urban Concrete Pavements Specialists) was founded in 1936 and gathers companies of concrete pavement and developments.

Whether in the societal, environmental or economical fields, SPECBEA members are sharing the same ambition, the control of concrete (quality and lifetime) in its various application domains, being: 
- roadways and platforms (airports, public transport in own site, roundabouts),
- safety equipment and concrete structures, cast-in place by extrusion,
- public and private facilities (decorative and technical concrete).

SPECBEA studies and defends the general, economical, industrial and commercial interests of its members. In particular, it performs all kinds of studies aiming at technical and economical skills improvement for its members, as well as for their realisations.
SPECBEA serves as a resource for contractors, projects managers, designers, and craftspersons. The organization supports the entire concrete industry by providing technical updates and promoting research.


TRBA is the road network partner that realises and fully completes every task in an effective way and has the necessary expertise to execute every step of the process flawlessly. It provides an all-in-one service for public works and private projects.


WALO Bertschinger AG puts emphasis on customer satisfaction by focusing on quality, precision and expertise. 
WALO combines stability with innovation, and is constantly seeking forward-looking concepts. 

WALO offers broad portfolio of services  with optimal solutions to complex challenges in almost all aspects of the construction process. The services include: Road Construction, Civil Engineering, Specialist Foundation Engineering, Building Construction, Dam and Landfill Construction, Mastic Asphalt, Noise Control, Industrial and Decorative Flooring, Underground Construction, Trackwork and Rail Engineering, Concrete Rehabilitation, Sports surfaces, Hydraulic Engineering, TC Infrastructure and Real Estate Development.

Zeta Industry, Turkey,  is the manufacturer of the Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coated dowel bars and rebars according to ASTM A1078 / A1078M and ASTM A775 / 775M standards respectively.

FBE coated dowel bars are designed and used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and act as mechanical connection between concrete slabs without restricting joint movement and increase load transfer efficiency. ZETA Industry production is certified by the independent body TUV. With the  high production capacity, ZETA industry can respond with the the shortest lead time in big projects.
Download Zeta Industry Corporate Brochure.