Permeable pavements

Permeable pavements can offer both environmental and economic benefits compared to conventional pavements.  They allow the water to pass straight through the surface into the pavement construction for temporary storage, and dispersal to the ground, or collection.  In this way, porous concrete base layers and concrete block permeable pavements are effective means of flood mitigation by reducing the surface water runoff.  In addition, they improve the water quality by filtration through the pavement as pollutants get trapped in the underlying layers.

Permeable pavements can be made of porous pavers, of concrete blocks with enlarged joints or of concrete blocks with voids by geometric bloc shapes.


Other cement and concrete credentials concern:

Durability and longevity, constituting a cost-effective and environmental advantage;

Safe and comfortable surfaces

Techniques of soil treatment and land remediation

Recyclability of concrete;

Use of low energy cements;

Lower fuel consumption for heavy trucks;

Reduced lighting costs and urban heat island effect;

No danger of leaching.


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