Recyclability of concrete

Concrete is 100 % recyclable.  Most of the concrete pavements that are broken up are crushed, sieved and recycled in base layers of unbound or cement-treated crushed material, lean concrete or roller compacted concrete.  Recycling in the road concrete mix itself is possible in case of a double layer design where about 60 % of the coarse aggregate in the bottom lift can be replaced by crushed old pavement concrete.  This technique is currently applied in Austria, Germany and other countries (Belgium, Poland) have followed their example.


Other cement and concrete's credentials concern:

Durability and longevity, constituting a cost-effective and environmental advantage;

Safe and comfortable surfaces;

Techniques of soil treatment and land remediation;

Permeable pavements;

Use of low energy cements;

Lower fuel consumption for heavy trucks;

Reduced lighting costs and urban heat island effect;

No danger of leaching.


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