Techniques of soil treatment and land remediation

In situ soil treatment techniques consist of mixing the soil in place with a binder (cement, lime, hydraulic road binder) in order to improve or stabilise it.  Applications are fill materials, capping layers and sub-bases.

The benefits are:

speed of project completion;

lower landfill costs;

reduced use of imported aggregates;

less aggregate levy;

reduced local construction traffic;

the provision of an economic and effective sub-base;

the ability to deal with sulphate-bearing soils.


Other cement and concrete credentials concern:

Durability and longevity, constituting a cost-effective and environmental advantage;

Safe and comfortable surfaces;

Permeable pavements;

Recyclability of concrete;

Use of low energy cements;

Lower fuel consumption for heavy trucks;

Reduced lighting costs and urban heat island effect;

No danger of leaching.


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