International Symposium on Concrete Roads

EUPAVE is the official organizer of the 11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads, which was held in Seville from 13 till 15 October 2010.

The 11th edition of this Symposium was a co-organization of EUPAVE, the Spanish Cement Association Oficemen, IECA (Spanish Institute for Cement and its Applications) and PIARC (World Road Association).

Official sponsors

With the official support of PIARC, the World Road Association and the ISCP, the International Society for Concrete Pavements.

13 - 15 October 2010, 11th edition in Seville

Seville, as hosting city of the Symposium, lived up to the expectations of being a modern, innovative city, along with its remarkable cultural heritage.

The 11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads, was hosted in the five star Hotel Barceló Renacimiento. Both plenary sessions as well as the exhibition area were organised here.

Mr Carlos Jofré (ES), President of the ITPC, congratulates all authors and co-authors for the submission of excellent papers. These contributions resulted in a variation of presentations on sustainable and safety issues, work sites, new developments on how to encounter climate change, solutions for public transportation, etc.  All these topics made the 11th edition of the Symposium well balanced and diverse.

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The Symposium's Keynote Speakers, Mr Jean-Pierre Christory (FR) and Mr Leif Wathne (US) opened the technical sessions on Wednesday 13 October '10.

Their presentations "Areas dedicated to public transport: bus, tramway - Innovative response to specific issues of integration, speed and ruggedness" (JP. Christory - FR) and "Sustainability and pavements: are we focusing on the right things?" (L. Wathne - US) emphasized on the focal points of today's challenges.

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Next to the plenary sessions, it is tradition that the Symposium foresees in a few technical visits. And so the participants could visit the following sites:

Seville-Cádiz highway and Cádiz bridge;

Marchena bypass;

Écija: a pavement for a polyvalent area for its use as fairground;




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Furthermore, Mr Rob Rasmussen (US) and the co-authors of the paper “Exposed aggregate concrete pavement design, construction, and functional performance: a comparison of European and US experiences” received the Best Technical Paper Award of the 11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads.

This Award's first time edition in the history of the Symposium was implemented by EUPAVE.  The ITPC (International Technical Programme Committee) elected the winner.


The EUPAVE Marketing Committee made the selection for the Best Marketing Paper Award. Equal to the Best Technical Paper Award, introducing this award was an initiative of EUPAVE.

Mrs. Charlotte Milachowski (DE) was granted this honour for her paper "Life cycle assessment for road construction and use".  The paper is a good and thorough quantitative peace of work which provides a sound basis why marketing for concrete pavements is needed.

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Are you curious about the other photo material that was taken during the 11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads 2010? 
Take a look at the Picasa website that was created for this occasion. Click here.