EUPAVE, the European Concrete Paving Association, was formed in 2007 with the objective of promoting cement and concrete applications in transport infrastructure.


Become a Partner of EUPAVE

In 2014, EUPAVE created a new membership category - “Partner” - specially designed for contractors, designers, road construction engineers, research institutes and academia and professionals. EUPAVE now has 11 Partners, who are mostly contractors and practitioners.

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EUPAVE calls on Member States to take full advantage of new EU rules on public procurement

Since 18 April 2016, new EU rules on Public Procurement and Concessions are in effect. The new Directives offer a chance to move away from “lowest initial cost” criteria and promote procurement that is environmentally and economically more sustainable.

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EUPAVE publication on Soil stabilisation and in-situ pavement recycling

EUPAVE has released a new brochure entitled “Soil stabilisation and in-situ pavement recycling, two of the most sustainable road construction techniques”.

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EUPAVE-EAPA-FEHRL publication on CO2 savings by maintaining and upgrading roads 

EUPAVE (the European Concrete Paving Association) today released a joint publication with EAPA (the European Asphalt Pavement Association) and FEHRL (the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories) entitled “Road pavement industries highlight huge CO2 savings offered by maintaining and upgrading roads”.

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Save the Date: 20-22 June 2018
13th International Symposium on Concrete Roads 

The 13th International Symposium on Concrete Roads will take place on 20-22 June 2018 in Berlin.

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Press Release:
"Communication on decarbonisation of transport: Road pavement sector highlights role of road infrastructure"

On 20 July 2016, the European Union has released its communication on “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility” (COM(2016) 501), which covers all transport modes. Regarding road transport, the Communication puts forward measures on efficiency of vehicles, decarbonisation of fuels and management of road traffic activity.  

Three associations active in road construction - EUPAVE (the European Concrete Paving Association), EAPA (the European Asphalt Pavement Association) and FEHRL (the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories) - jointly highlight the opportunity offered by the road pavement itself to reduce CO2 and other emissions from vehicles.

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US paving trends - what lessons for Europe? 

A new report from the Portland Cement Association (PCA) examines paving trends in the United States. Concrete paving's share for roads in the US remains at a level similar to what it was 10 years ago, and is currently at 15.1%. The report notes that the share of concrete versus asphalt is primarily determined by the cost of paving in each material. Interestingly, it is shown that while asphalt prices rise with oil prices, a drop in oil prices results in a lesser drop in asphalt prices. The authors point to three factors for this anomaly: changes in oil refining processes mean less bitumen by-product is being produced; increased demand thanks to the resurging US economy; and a lack of competition between paving industries.

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June 20-22, 2018
Berlin, Germany
13th International Symposium on Concrete Roads 

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