EUPAVE Membership


EUPAVE membership brings many advantages:

International Organisation - democratic non-for-profit association representing the European concrete paving industry.

Communications - through extensive use of website, EUPAVE presents position papers on issues crucial to the concrete paving industry. It covers technical and environmental issues such as fuel savings, cost advantages and recycling.

Networking - EUPAVE provides a great forum for networking with members in Task groups, Seminars, Worksite Visits and through other informal contacts. 

Advocacy - EUPAVE aims to influence policy at the European
Parliament and the Commission in order to ensure members'
interests are represented adequately.

Representation in Technical Bodies - EUPAVE will be represented by its members in international Working groups and Technical committees.

Research - EUPAVE will be sourcing European funds for research into issues affecting members' interests.

Technology Exchange - EUPAVE will collaborate with other industry groups where appropriate and act as a centre of excellence for concrete paving.

International Conventions - EUPAVE has taken ownership from CEMBUREAU in organizing the future International Symposia on Concrete Roads.


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