CEN publishes CWA “Indicators for the sustainability assessment of roads”


In November, CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation, published CWA 17089:2016 “Indicators for the sustainability assessment of roads”. (A CWA is CEN Workshop Agreement, which is a document agreed by a CEN workshop, but that does not have the status of a European Standard.)

EUPAVE was actively involved in the development of this voluntary document, which offers a set of indicators for the sustainability assessment of roads. The indicators cover the three pillars of sustainability, and while the document does not provide a full life-cycle assessment methodology, it offers indicators that may be used in Green Public Procurement, for example.

The document aims to be consistent with CEN/TC 350 “Sustainability of construction works” standards.

CWA 17089:2016 is available to buy from CEN national members e.g. BSI.