EUPAVE's Christmas Dinner Debate

EUPAVE holds a successful Christmas dinner debate on “How to address sustainability in new transport infrastructure contracts in the EU?”

On December 13, 2011, Mr. Helmut Morsi, European Commission Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, Deputy Head of Unit Trans European Networks and Investment Strategy and Head of Sector OMC TENtec & Innovation, honoured the EUPAVE Christmas dinner debate at Hotel Metropole in Brussels.

Mr. Aniceto Zaragoza, President of EUPAVE, opened the debate with a short speech on EUPAVE's activities and substantive intention for active cooperation. He concluded his speech by appreciating the European Commission's support for the sustainable and climate resilient infrastructure. 

Mr. Helmut Morsi gave a speech on “Trans European Networks and Investment Strategy”. He pointed out that the Connecting Europe Facility will invest €31.7 billion to upgrade Europe's transport infrastructure.

He also explained that Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) Network consists of two layers: a core network to be completed by 2030 and a comprehensive network to be completed by 2050. The new core TEN-T network will close the missing links and remove bottlenecks. The core network will be supported by a comprehensive network of routes, feeding into the core network at regional and national level.

Mr.Morsi drew particular attention to the application of “New technologies and innovation” (TEN-T guidelines Article 39) in the comprehensive network. This network must keep up with the state-of-the-art technological developments and deployments, aiming to, amongst others:

enable the decarbonisation of transport,

improve resilience to climate change.


It is clear that concrete has an answer to these challenges.

A major innovation on the new TEN-T guidelines is the introduction of 10 corridors on the core network. These corridors will be governed through corridor platforms, which bring all relevant stakeholders and the Member States concerned together.

As Mr. Morsi finished, he invoked EUPAVE's contribution to European Commission's forthcoming projects.

Afterwards, a lively discussion took place with questions and statements by several EUPAVE members and reactions from Mr. Morsi.

The Christmas dinner debate was closed with greetings for Christmas and a successful New Year.