Two Pavement System


Competition Between Industries can Lower Unit Costs and Allow Highway Agencies to do More With Their Budgets

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has released a document that shows the effects of competition on paving unit costs. In U.S. where both pavement types are specified on a regular basis, healthy industries with skilled personnel develop. Construction quality improves and risks decline, bringing about more cost-efficient pavement construction and significant savings. Competition between industries also spurs innovation.

In markets that are more balanced, the average unit costs for both concrete and asphalt pavements are lower. The additional competition fostered by the agency, allows the agency to extend its currently available budget, do more, and add long-life pavements to their system. The fact that long-life pavements benefit the system's remaining service life is an added bonus.

There are no downsides to fostering two healthy (pavement) industries to compete for state highway projects. 

To read the document "Two Pavement System", click HERE.