Successful Concrete Roads Congress in Slovenia

The Slovenian Cement Association SLOCEM, together with the Slovenian Concrete Society and the Chamber of Commerce held their Concrete Roads Conference on 16 October 2013 in Ljubljana.  All relevant stakeholders from the cement and concrete industry were present as well as the Slovenian Road Authorities.  The aim was to give a start to the use of concrete pavements in their country through the exchange of experience.

Therefore they invited four speakers of whom two from the EUPAVE family: Mr. Johannes Steigenberger from the Austrian Cement Association VÖZ presented the rich Austrian experience, including an economic analysis and EUPAVE's managing director Luc Rens brought the story of “Concrete Roads : a smart and sustainable choice” and linked the concrete paving opportunities to the challenges set by the different Directorate-Generals of the European Commission.  The third speaker was Mr. Kijowski from the Polish Cement Association.  He presented the success story of the use of concrete for local roads in Poland thanks to an important and sustained promotion and information campaign towards the 2800 local authorities in his country. The fourth speaker, Mr. Mrzelj gave an overview of the Slovenian experience and some issues that had occurred.

The presentations were followed by an interactive panel discussion.  It was concluded that, due to the economic crisis, the opportunity is probably not there to build concrete motorways. Yet, a start with special applications such as roundabouts and busstops and buslanes will certainly be considered and can mean an important step forward for the Slovenian cement and concrete industry.