Dutch Knowledge Platform on Concrete Pavements

During the Dutch Concrete Road Symposium, held in October 2013, the start-up of a Dutch Knowledge Platform on Concrete Pavements was announced. Our Dutch member Cement&BetonCentrum has taken this initiative in cooperation with CROW (Professional institute in the field of infrastructure, public space, traffic and transport) which is supported by the Commission of Concrete Roads of Bouwend Nederland (Building Netherlands).

The knowlegde of concrete pavements is decreasing in The Netherlands, which endangers the position of concrete pavements. The Knowledge Platform will organize special meetings on specific subjects related to concrete applications in road infrastructure. Only the members of this Platform will be invited for meetings were the special subjects will be presented and discussed with the participants. Over one hundred people from contractors, consultants, road authorities, suppliers already joined the Platform.

The first meeting will be organized on 8 April 2014.

'Priority to knowledge of concrete'