IECA and APTB release English summary of the publication on "Concrete Pavement Contribution to Fire Safety in Road Tunnels"

In recent years, several high-profile road tunnel fires have taken place across Europe. These fires, due to their great intensity, inevitably led to important structural damages and even loss of lives. The analyses of the causes that brought about these fires and increased their intensity have provided engineers with a lot of information so as to design new safer tunnels and improve the safety of existing ones. Despite these studies, the influence of some of these variables on fires is not completely understood and, therefore, their dangers could be undervalued. 

Spanish Institute of Cement and its Applications (IECA) and Spanish Technical Association of Firefigthers (APTB) highlight that apart from a deep knowledge of safety and fire equipment within a tunnel that is subjected to a fire, it is essential for firefighters to have a profound knowledge of the fire dynamics inside tunnels and the influence of all the elements that, to some extent, contribute to the fire.

One of the factors that modifies the behavior of fires inside tunnels is the type of road pavement. This recent study of the Spanish Technical Association of Firefighters shows that concrete pavements are inert elements and their interaction with fire is limited to the absorption of part of the heat generated.

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