12th International Symposium on Concrete Roads - A Great Success!

The 12th International Symposium on Concrete Roads, held on 23-26 September 2014 at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, was a great success, exceeding the high expectations set by previous editions of this Symposium. More than 400 delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and guests participated in the event, including representatives from 41 countries. The Symposium offered more than 130 peer-reviewed technical papers in 3 parallel sessions, a poster session, and 3 technical visits.

Being organized every four years since 1969, the International Symposium on Concrete Roads proves to be one of the most successful actions in the dissemination of knowledge and also in the creation of a worldwide network of experts from road administrations, research centres, designers, contractors, suppliers, etc.

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During three days the participants had the occasion to learn about the latest developments, new applications, studies and research in the field of design, construction, maintenance, monitoring and rehabilitation of concrete pavements.

The 12th International Symposium on Concrete Roads with the motto “Innovative Solutions - Benefiting Society”, included 4 themes:
• Sustainable Pavements,
• Solutions forUrban Areas,
• Design and Construction,
• Maintenance and Rehabilitation.

Mr. Gerald Voigt (ACPA)

Mr. Gerald Voigt, P.E., President & CEO American Concrete Pavement Association, made a remarkable keynote speech entitled “Perspectives on the Future of Concrete Pavement... Using Lessons from the Past”.

During his speech, Mr. Voigt highlighted the importance of providing solutions and promoting policies that meet the customer's needs and open up opportunities. In addition, the industrial competition is emphasized as a major lever to policy changes by assuring the highest return on investment and by fostering innovation. 

The Symposium's Programme covered a number of essential topics which were discussed during the academic sessions of posters and presentations, with regard to:
• The environmental impacts there were presentations on the choice of cement and EPD's, the use of recycled aggregates and photocatalytic materials;
• The considerations about economic aspects with a focus on the right parameters for a life-cycle cost analysis;
• The societal aspects like noise and safety such as the use of concrete pavement in tunnels and the development of new surface finishing methods, surface characteristics and noise.
• Tunnel pavements and fire safety;
• Urban applications, in particular public transport infrastructure;
• Quality assurance and Private Public Partnership Projects.

The tradition went on at the Symposium and:

Mr. Wim De Smet (De Lijn) receiving the award-Mr. Luc Rens (EUPAVE)-Mr. Jan Gemrich (VUMO)

Mr. Filip Flement is awarded for the Best Technical Paper Award, paper entitled “Towards a standardized design structure for concrete tramways in Flanders”

Mr. Leif Wathne is awarded for the Best Marketing Paper Award, paper entitled “Pavement type selection : what is the ideal process ?” 

Mr. Andre Burger (EUPAVE) - Mr. Leif Wathne (ACPA) receiving the award - Mr. Jan Gemrich (VUMO)

Mr. Gemrich and Mr. Nicoud closed the Symposium by thanking the participants and announcing the next destination for the 13 th International Symposium on Concrete Roads as “Germany”. A collaborative partnership is being created between the German Cement industry VDZ and Betonmarketing, and the German Research Institute for Roads and Traffic FGSV.  Other authorities will also be involved.  It seems that success is already now guaranteed.

Mr. Stephane Nicoud (EUPAVE)

Mr. Stéphane Nicoud, EUPAVE President (left) ,  Mr. Jan Gemrich VUMO Director (right)

Mr. Jan Gemrich (VUMO)


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EUPAVE Booth at the Symposium exhibition hall 

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EUPAVE Members - Closing the 12th International Symposium on Concrete Roads 

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