New FEBELCEM publication on the use of precast and in-situ cast concrete for the Guillemins Esplanade in the city of Liège

The brochure (available in French and Dutch - see the link at the bottom of this page) describes the design and construction of the public space in front of the Guillemins railway station in Liège, which was designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava.

The Guillemins Esplanade was finished in 2014 as the result of a global urbanistic vision and an approach which deals with the many and various requirements of this kind of refurbishment. The architects designed the place as a starting point for further urban developments and with the aim of upgrading the complete area.

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From a practical viewpoint the square is meant as a polyvalent and flexible space.  It is not just a meeting place but mainly a multimodal transport platform meeting today's requirements in terms of efficiency and safety.

The square's pavement is made up of a combination of precast concrete slabs and cobblestones. The slabs are cast in two layers with an exposed aggregate concrete surface on top. Dark limestone aggregates are dominantly present on the surface in combination with white quartz. In total, 380 concrete slabs, 4m x 3m; 7,5 tonnes each have been placed.

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Placement of  concrete slabs  

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Street furniture, water basins and fountains have been designed in harmony with the pavement.

The infrastructure part consists of a roundabout in continuously reinforced concrete and a buslane built with dowelled concrete slabs, both dark coloured.

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The Guillemins Esplanade project illustrates the numerous aspects of the use of concrete for infrastructure works and public spaces. Seven different surface finishing methods were applied on the precast and in-situ cast elements in order to achieve an aesthetic ensemble, meeting the high-level performance and sustainability criteria.

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Guillemins Esplanade in the city of Liège in FRENCH

L'Esplanade des Guillemins
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Guillemins Esplanade in the city of Liège in Dutch

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