Knowledge Module on Concrete Pavements

During the last two years a working group of CROW (CROW: technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space in The Netherlands) updated several CROW- publications related to concrete pavements. From now on, the new content is only available in a digital module - no printed publications- on: “the CROW Knowledge Module on Concrete Pavement”.

Access to this Module a paying subscription is normally required.
Our Dutch Member Cement&BetonCentrum together with the Concrete Road Contractors' Association and the Ready Mixed Concrete Association, made it financially possible for the next 3 years to have free access to this Module, after becoming a member of the Dutch Knowledge Platform on Concrete Roads. This Membership is also for free and has other advantages such as: reduced participation fee to the Dutch Concrete Road Symposium, invitation for workshops and excursion of the Knowledge Platform.

More info (in Dutch):