Wirtgen technology in Brazil -
Slipform paver SP 850 modernizes motorway in Fortaleza with concrete surfacing

Since the port in Pecém was inaugurated in 2002, the city has become the primary port for the area, resulting in an immense number of heavy goods vehicles using the road to and from Fortaleza, the capital of the federal state of Ceará and Brazil's fifth largest metropolis.

In order to manage this traffic volume, the port of Pecém has drawn up a logistics plan which also includes modernization of the Anel Viário de Fortaleza (the Fortaleza ring motorway - connecting Fortaleza with the port of Pecém).

The motorway ring is to be modernized over a total length of 32.1 km by June 2015. At present, the road is 11 m wide. When the work is completed, each roadway will be 16.5 m wide. Measuring 33 m across its entire width, the road will hence be three times as wide as before the work started.

Due to the high degree of stress from heavy goods vehicles, the mechanical stability required of the new pavement was a major criterion prompting Galvão Engenharia S.A. to opt for concrete surfacing. An asphalt wearing course will then be laid over the concrete.

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For implementation of this important project, the choice Galvão Engenharia S.A. is the Wirtgen SP 850 slipform paver.

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Wirtgen SP 850 slipform paver

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