Restructuring at Beton Marketing Deutschland

In September 2014, the Board of VDZ (The German Cement Works Association) decided to restructure the marketing activities performed by Beton Marketing Germany GmbH (BMD) and its three regional divisions by clustering them under the Concrete Information Centre (IZB).

 The restructuring in the cement and concrete industry in Germany ensures the alignment of the regional and national promotional activities, including  the continued cooperation with the Federation of the German ready-mixed concrete industry.

The new structure will be managed by three representatives from the associate bodies, namely Mr. Nolting, Professor Middel and Mr. Bernhofen, enabling a clear regional promotion and a consistent approach towards the market and customers.

Mr. Ulrich Nolting

However, until the new management structure of IZB is finalized, Mr. Nolting will be in charge of BMD, taking care of the ongoing projects and aligning the current work to the new structure, including the work on concrete pavements.