Delta Bloc International GmbH joins EUPAVE as Member


DELTA BLOC International GmbH, founded in 2000, is a leading developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art precast and in-situ concrete vehicle restraint systems. At the headquarter in Sollenau in the Eastern part of Austria and five international branch offices, a total of 46 employees support production facilities and distribution partners in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Vehicle restraint systems are safety devices for roads, which redirect veered vehicles controlled back on the road or motorway lanes and protect even heavy trucks reliably from break-through. In order to evaluate the performance of these passive safety devices, standardized crash tests with cars, buses and heavy vehicles are carried out at the most reputable testing institutes according to the European Standard EN 1317.

Since DELTA BLOC International's foundation 15 years ago, more than 150 crash-tests were conducted, more than 30 patents and numerous trademarks were registered or are filed for application worldwide. Within that period the company produced together with its international partner network more than 3,000km of the innovative safety barriers. Currently, the yearly output is approx. 300km. Additionally, a rental pool of more than 450km for temporary workzone protection is available throughout Europe.

Based on this know-how and experiences gathered during the last exciting years of product development, DELTA BLOC is nowadays worldwide acknowledged as competency centre for innovative traffic safety solutions.

Latest innovations have been recognized internationally, awarded and hence confirm the company's development activities and efforts:
• British Precast Innovation Award 2012
for the DELTABLOC® precast concrete road safety barrier project in South Wales
• VINCI Innovation Award 2013
for the world new in-situ concrete barrier system EP 80
• Hidden Champions 3.0
by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for outstanding export performance with the innovative DELTABLOC® safety solutions

As a member of both organizations, the International Road Federation (IRF) and the European Road Federation (ERF), DELTA BLOC International assists with best practice methods regularly in international workshops. These neutral platforms provide training and information for stakeholders in the road safety market to increase knowledge about the availability of state-of-the-art technology and its implementation.

Delta Bloc International GmbH mentions reasons to join EUPAVE as:
"In most European countries mainly concrete safety barriers are built in the central reservation on motorways. These are considered to be particularly effective, because they need little maintenance, they are cost-effective and can be built quite fast.
However, in some countries concrete safety barriers, in particular in-situ barriers, came under attack because of outdated technologies. This lead e.g. to the suspension of the in-situ 90 step barrier's national approval in Germany as they did not meet current safety requirements.
After an extensive development and crash-test program, DELTA BLOC International recently presented a new in-situ barrier generation. This technology got rid of some well-known disadvantages regarding production, repair and maintenance, non-compliance with standards and compatibility with other types of safety barriers.
As an associate member of EUPAVE, we want to re-establish the in-situ concrete barrier as the first choice safety barrier for motorways and highways by introducing state-of-the-art technology."