EUPAVE-EAPA-FEHRL publication on CO2 savings by maintaining and upgrading roads

11 October 2016 – EUPAVE (the European Concrete Paving Association) today released a joint publication with EAPA (the European Asphalt Pavement Association) and FEHRL (the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories) entitled “Road pavement industries highlight huge CO2 savings offered by maintaining and upgrading roads”.


The publication highlights that road pavements have a key contribution to make in reducing CO2 emissions from road transport. The three associations emphasise that smooth, well-maintained road surfaces lead to lower rolling resistance, and thus lower emissions from vehicles, and so upgrading and maintaining roads should be part of any strategy to reduce road transport emissions.  This calls for increased investment in roads and greater alignment of policies on CO2 with policies for upgrading of roads.


The publication shows how an upgrade of one third of the entire road network of Europe by 2030 could lead to yearly savings of 14 million tonnes of CO2. If two thirds of the network were upgraded, this could be 28 million tonnes of CO2 saved yearly. This is the equivalent of replacing 6 million cars with zero-emission cars!


Read the publication here.