Eurovia's Betonstraßenbau (concrete road construction) division achievements:

In just seven weeks (from September to November 2015), the Schutzeinrichtungen (protective devices) department at Eurovia's Betonstraßenbau (concrete road construction) division in Germany rehabilitated restraint systems at 38 road-sign gantries along motorway A9.

These interventions took place in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, on a motorway segment 120 km long, between the Köselitz and Droyssig interchanges, both on the central reservation and road shoulders.
The tasks carried out in a short time span included dismantling existing restraint devices, building (by slipform) 1,100 m³ of foundations to install precast concrete dividing walls, installing more than 10,000 m of concrete safety barriers and steel runners, and implementing the required connections between the various systems. Assistance was provided by the Leipzig division, which handled earthworks.