Seminar on "New technologies in concrete pavements"

IECA organises the seminar on "New technologies in concrete pavements" on 14 June 2016.

The seminar will revise the performance of the highway “Asturias Y” along the 40 years and will present the latest technologies regarding riding comfort and noise abatement of concrete pavements.

In Spain, despite their advantages, concrete pavements are not a common solution yet. However, there are successful cases such as the highway between Oviedo - Gijon - Aviles, better known as the “Asturias Y”. The CRCP (continuously reinforced concrete pavement) has shown a good performance and high durability. With a service life of 40 years, this highway has become the best example of how concrete pavements perform in the long term: able to withstand heavy traffic, lack of rutting, prevention of hydroplaning, etc.

During the 40 years, “Asturias Y” has also performed as a safe road, mainly due to its low maintenance needs, since the maintenance operations are known to increase accident hazard.

Click here to download the invitation and the programme of the seminar on "New technologies in concrete pavements".