Metro Line Excursion in Amsterdam, 25 November 2014

Mr. Wim Kramer, Cement&BetonCentrum

The technical visit to the construction of the North/South metro line in Amsterdam was organized by BetonInfra in cooperation with EUPAVE.

The programme of the day provided a visit to the underground construction site of the new line and a presentation by KWS Infra on the construction of the concrete track bed and cable trays.

Mrs. Dokter, InfoCentre

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Crossing beneath the Amsterdam Central Station, one of the busiest transportation hubs in Europe, the construction of the metro line encountered several challenges. The extreme engineering solutions provided to those challenges drew attention worldwide. 

Mr. Morel, KWS

Projected for inauguration in 2017, the North/South metro line has 8 stations and will serve 180.000 passengers/day. The travel time will be 16 minutes on the line which is 9,7 km total length, of which 7,1 km underground.