EUPAVE responds to consultation on CEF mid-term evaluation

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a EU funding instrument for infrastructure investment at European level covering energy, transport and telecoms. The new transport infrastructure policy was released in January 2014 with the objective to help the economy in its recovery and growth with a budget of 24.05 billion up to 2020. As 2017 marks the mid-term of the program, the European Commission is evaluating progress.

In its response, EUPAVE noted the importance of investing in the fields of transport, energy and telecommunication as an EU priority as they face common challenges. However, we consider the transport sector to be unique, in that the link between the mode of transport and the underlying infrastructure requires a focused approach. Furthermore, sustainability criteria should be taken into account when evaluating the proposals for projects in order to align the CEF programme and its results with EU policy on public procurement criteria, which should include awarding public contracts based on alternatives to initial cost only, such as life-cycle cost.

Read EUPAVE full response to the evaluation here.

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