24 September '09 - site visit Affligem (BE)

As part of the Cement Industry Open Week, CEMBUREAU and EUPAVE organised a site visit in Belgium on Thursday 24 September.  This event provided participants with the opportunity to learn more about the invaluable role of concrete and its contribution to sustainable road transport.

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The visit concerned an ongoing reconstruction over 3 km of the E40 motorway from Brussels to Ostend, where the existing degraded asphalt pavement is covered with a 23 cm thick reinforced concrete.

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The representatives of different countries where received by Chris Caestecker, head of the Agency for Roads and Traffic of Flanders, explaining his motivation for building concrete roads in the Flanders region: "a durable, sustainable and low maintenance road contributes to the societal benefits of its users".

Mrs. Anne-Séverine Poupeleer, Project Manager of the worksite and working for the Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic, gave a description and situation of the worksite. She informed in detail on the phases of the work, the safety measures to be considered, the technical aspects and the quality control on site.

The sustainable benefits of concrete roads were highlighted in a presentation by Luc Rens, Managing Director of EUPAVE. He concluded that performance in each of the three fields of sustainable construction is important: environment, economy, social - societal. He emphasized that no short term gain should compromise the long term behaviour. In the end, choosing a concrete road is choosing for a sustainable solution.

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