Concrete Safety Barriers in Spain

OFICEMEN, EUPAVE's Spanish Member, reports that last December the Spanish company FATLUM S.L signed an agreement with British based Britpave Barrier Systems Ltd (trading as BBS Barriers) to commercialize the Concrete Step Barrier in Spain. The concrete barrier is fully compliant with EN1317-5 and holds an EC Certificate of Conformity. CE marking provides the assurance that the product installed is the same as the product that was tested. This is the first in-situ CE marked concrete barrier to be built in Spain. The in-situ barrier is class B and has a H2 containment level and a reduced working width.  This in-situ barrier joins precast CE marked concrete barriers that are currently built in Spain with high containment levels.

FATLUM S.L has recently become a certified installer, which means undertaking a minimum of one Factory Production Control (FPC) audit per year. This requires the following of comprehensive procedures and accurately maintaining quality controls in order to sustain their licence and compliance.

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Concrete barriers provide users with long term benefits due to their low maintenance, thus minimizing CO2 emissions and energy impacts along their service lives. Additionally, the reduction or even removal of routine repairs and traffic management virtually eliminates delays, traffic congestion, and accident risks associated with these operations.