11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads

ITPC meeting of 22 April 2010, postponed

The ITPC (International Technical Programme Committee) meeting that rules on definitive approval of all papers and designation of speakers for the 11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads 2010, would have taken place this week on 22 April '10.

However, the conditions affecting travel across Europe, as a result of the volcanic activity in Iceland and the ash cloud over Europe have caused to cancel the meeting and postpone to an alternative date.

Therefore, the foreseen date (30 April - 15 May 2010) to inform all authors on definitive approval of papers and designation of speakers cannot be met.


In the event you are an author that still needs to submit his/her full paper, this unforeseen circumstance allows you some spare time (two to three weeks).
Send it by email to attention of Mrs. Sonja Bruyninckx (info@eupave.eu), respecting the Paper Guidelines.
Download the "Paper Guidelines" here in order to find out how the paper should be written (font type, format, number of pages, etc.).

Contact the Technical Secretariat (EUPAVE) if you want additional information regarding your paper: info@eupave.eu.


The 11th International Symposium - "The answer to new challenges" will be held in Seville from 13-15 October 2010.


International Technical Programme Committee (ITPC)

President: Mr. Carlos Jofré (ES) 

EUPAVE representatives;

PIARC representatives;

Worldwide invited EXPERTS;

ISCP representation;




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