"Maximising sustainability in road construction"

EUPAVE's first worksite visit took place on the E34, near Antwerp on June 4th and was co-organized with Febelcem, the Belgian Cement Association.

An enthousiastic public of about fourty participants, coming from seven different European countries attended this worksite visit.

All guests were welcomed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Antwerp were an introduction speech was given by Mr Henk Keymeulen, Head of the Roads and Traffic Division of Antwerp, Flemish Road and Traffic Agency.

Mr Jean-Pierre Jacobs, Managing Director of EUPAVE, gave the participants a short presentation about EUPAVE, explaining the reasons for its founding and its goals to achieve.

The technical information of the worksite itself, was given by Mr. Luc Rens, Consulting Engineer at the department Promotion, Research and Development of FEBELCEM and can be found here.

Dominique Valcke, General Manager of the contracting company STADSBADER FLAMAND, explained the start and development of the concrete paving activities for this particular worksite.

At around 3pm, all participants were escorted to the worksite visit on the E34 were they could have a close look of the worksite and ask additional questions.

Photo courtesy of Wim KramerPhoto courtesy of Wim KramerPhoto courtesy of Wim KramerPhoto courtesy of Wim Kramer


Cocktails were offered afterwards, to round up the day in a convivial ambiance.


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