List of Participants


Presentation of the Seminar and Site Visits (general)
by Mr. Joseph ABDO, Head of Roads and Earthworks Department, CIMbéton

Theme 1: From " a policy of streets" to " a policy of public transport "

The European context - Overview of public policies, techniques and innovations, in FRENCH 
by Mr. Luc RENS, Managing Director of EUPAVE

The situation in France - Challenges, projects and perspectives
by Mr. Jean-Pierre CHRISTORY, Consultant

The vision of the public transport authorities in the Paris region Ile-de-France
by Mrs. Catherine LE GALL, Project Manager,
Direction des Projets d'Investissement, Syndicat des transports de l'Ile de France, STIF
(Direction of Investment Projects, Public Transport Union of Ile de France)

Theme 2: Examples of realisations of public transport systems in the Paris region Ile-de-France

Tramway - Extension of the tramway T3 at Porte de la Chapelle, Paris
by Mr. Frédéric DUPOUY, Director of the Land Development Agency of Paris and
Mr. Jean Philippe HUET, Project Manager T3 - Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens RATP (Independent Office of Transport in Paris)

Guided system on tires - The project T6 connecting Châtillon (Haut de Seine) with Viroflay (Les Yvelines), in the adjacent departments of Paris
by Mr. Roger NDOUOP MOLU, Project Manager, RATP

High Quality Service Bus BHNS - The project TZen connecting Sénart (Seine-et-Marne) with Corbeil (Essonne)
by Mr. Jean-Yves HINARD, Director of Land Planning, and
Mrs. Laurianne BLEZEL, Project Leader - Etablissement Public d'Aménagement de la ville nouvelle de Sénart (Institution of Public Land Planning of the new city of Sénart)