Publishing a part of the EN Standards list, is another way of diffusing the available technical sources.
In the near future, website visitors will be able to find information on the EN Standards, linked to the different EUPAVE activity areas, namely: 

TC 104: Concrete;

TC 226: Road equipment;

TC 227: Unbound and bound materials;

TC 227: Materials for pavements;

TC 229: Pre-cast elements;


European Standards on Materials for Concrete Pavements 

While EUPAVE assembles and prepares the available information on EN standards, visitors are kindly invited to consult the abstract and full paper, entitled: "European Standards on Materials for Concrete Pavements", written by Carlos Jofré (IECA) on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the International Symposium on Concrete Roads, Brussels 2006.

Abstract (EN):
"CEN Technical Committee TC 227 is responsible for the European Standards dealing with road materials. As a part of its working programme, 33 standards have been prepared concerning materials for concrete pavements. Six of them deal with specifications for materials, functional properties of concrete pavements, dowels and joint sealants (hot applied, cold applied and preformed seals), whereas the rest are devoted to test methods. A general overview of these standards is given in the paper."

Paper (EN):
The full paper "European Standards on Materials for Concrete Pavements" can be downloaded here and is also consultable on the Symposium 2006 DVD*.


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*The Symposium 2006 DVD is an interesting information tool, containing all papers, presentations, pictures, technical tours and videos of the Anniversary edition of the 2006 Symposium.

Some hundred copies of this DVD are available at no expense at the EUPAVE office. To obtain yours, fill in the contact form and add the reference "SYMPOSIUM 2006/DVD" in the "comments" section of the contact form. You will receive a reply email, confirming your order.  Please mind the correct spelling of your name, surname, address and country.

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