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The immediate trafficking of cement bound materials

English, 17 pages - 2005, Highways Agency & Britpave

Available via the Britpave shop on the following website: or


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Cement and other hydraulically bound mixtures
Describes the European standards BS EN 14227 issued in November 2004 that covers hydraulically bound mixtures for road and other pavements. Explains how the new mixtures compare with those specified for use before that date and gives guidance on their selection and specification.

English, 13 pages - 2005, Britpave

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Cementgebonden funderingen voor wegen - Eigenschappen en toepassingen
Les fondations routières liées au ciment - Qualités et applications

Technical sheet n° 33 of the FEBELCEM "DOSSIER CEMENT 1994-2008"

English translation: xxx
Language of the publication: DUTCH and FRENCH only

Author: C. Ployaert 

Editing organisation: FEBELCEM
20 pages - May 2004

The Dutch and French version can be downloaded from the Febelcem website.
Click here for the Dutch version.
Click here for the French version.


Schuimbeton voor wegen en terreinen - publicatie 173

English translation: Foamconcrete for road constructions
Language of the publication: DUTCH only

Authors: Working group CROW, 77 pages - May 2002
Editing organisation & responsible editor: CROW

Available via the CROW web shop, click here


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N° 77 - La maîtrise de la fissuration des graves hydrauliques

English translation: xxx
Language of the publication: FRENCH only

Author(s): CIMbéton, 8 pages - September 2001
Editing organisation & responsible editor: CIMbéton

Download the PDF here.
ROUTES n° 77 can be consulted here



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