Position papers

Being represented in The European Union Road Federation (ERF), the Brussels Programm Centre (BPC) of the International Road Federation (IRF), which coordinates the views and concerns of Europe's road sector, EUPAVE can actively contribute to the needs and concerns of the sector.  Writing position papers is one of the means of contributing.


Long-Heavy-Vehicles (LHV's) - August 2008

This position paper wants to give its readers an overview on the EUPAVE position and reflections of introducing Long Heavy Vehicles in Europe, considering the impact of LHV's on the road infrastructure (cost, safety, environment, etc.).

The following issues are covered:
 * environmental impact;
 * infrastructure perspective;
 * safety impact;
 * fiscal and social perspective.

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A list of the ERF position papers is to be found on their website, following this link.
The most recent (February 2009) ERF - IRF BPC Discussion paper "Road Infrastructure Safety of Powered Two-Wheelers" can be downloaded on this website.


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