V International Award on Road Innovation
Deadline for original works: 19th May 2014

This contest, organized by the Spanish Road Association Foundation (FAEC), was born in 2005 with the aim of contributing to the development of road technology worldwide through investigations that improve innovation in the road sector.

Additionally, the award pretend to spread Spanish as international scientific language on road matters.

Under these premises, important universities, companies and public administrations around the world focused on road progress have been awarded by FAEC in the last four editions.

V International Award on Road Innovation “Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo” is opened to natural persons and legal entities from any country, authors of projects, researches and investigation or erudition works, PhD, etc. The original works, written in Spanish, must be innovative and not been published in other contests.

People interested in this award must send two copies of the work. The original work must not have more than 50 pages. Moreover, it is compulsory a computer copy of the work, CV and copy of the ID card or passport of the authors.

The documentation must include the personal facts of the authors and also an express and signed statement accepting the contest rules. It is also compulsory to include the title and a resume of the work. It is up to the authors to include bibliography and documents of interest.

All the details are summarized in the rules of this contest. You can check everything you need on the website of V International Award on Road Innovation “Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo”: www.premioinnovacioncarreterasjafc.org

Experts interested in sending original works to this award have a three-month deadline, programmed by 19th May, as you can check in the Rules of this edition.

Spanish Road Association Foundation (FAEC)