Since its creation in 2007, EUPAVE has as mission to foster a sustainable transport infrastructure and has therefore been promoting the benefits of concrete pavements in terms of sustainability, including economic aspects, the respect for the environment and societal topics.

Sustainability, circularity, and recyclability have also been hot topics in Europe these recent years.

Decision-makers have implemented various policies, including the European Green Deal, to overcome climate change. The European Green Deal plans to make the EU’s economy sustainable and achieve climate neutrality in 2050.

Concrete pavements can help reaching this target.

Besides the many publications released by EUPAVE showing the strengths of concrete pavements (see references below), EUPAVE published in 2019 its infographic “Concrete pavements make roads more sustainable”.

The infographic helps communicate EUPAVE’s main message “concrete pavement is a sustainable solution” through with 4 important statements:

  1. Concrete roads can strongly contribute to reduction of CO2 emissions from road transport.
  2. Concrete roads are made with local raw materials, offer a long service life and are 100% recyclable.
  3. Concrete roads show better resilience to climate change and extreme meteorological event.
  4. Concrete contributes to a more ecological water cycle management.

Each statement includes different topics developed in fact sheets (high albedo, less fuel consumption, 100% recyclable, climate resilience, etc.).

Find more information on the sustainability of concrete pavements through the references below or contact info@eupave(a)eu.

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