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EUPAVE 10-year anniversary event: “The future of sustainable transport infrastructure in Europe”


Report – Following the seminar, the evening event with theme “the future of sustainable transport infrastructure in Europe” started at 17.30 and took place in the Ravenstein room of the Metropole Hotel.

Luc Rens, EUPAVE Managing Director, moderator of the evening

The event was attended by members and partners of the Association and invited guests. The evening was also the occasion to discuss the future of transportation infrastructure in Europe. All stakeholders of the main International and European road related organisations were represented and gave their views on the main theme.

Mr. Stéphane Nicoud, President of EUPAVE, opened the event thanking all the attendees for their presence and highlighting the intense activity that EUPAVE carried out in the European arena for the past ten years. Afterwards, he addressed the European Commission to request that the target of reusing 70% of the waste generated by construction and demolition (CDW) can actually be achieved by 2020.  The technology for the separation and recovery of construction and demolition waste is well established, readily accessible and in general inexpensive. Indeed the percentages of recycling can vary from 25% to 90% among the Member States. Likewise, concrete makes up a large portion of this waste (50%) and despite what many people often think, is 100% recyclable.

Mr. André Burger, Vice-President of the Association gave a short presentation on the history of our Association and highlighted the major events of the past decade.

Mr. Andre Burger, EUPAVE Vice-President

Mr. Daniel Calleja, General-Director of DG ENVI, said a few words on the resource efficient and sustainable infrastructure construction. He indicated that sustainability is the key word that should serve as a guide to achieve a zero-waste society. He also pointed out that following the precepts of the circular economy means obtaining not only environmental and social benefits, but also economic ones. Indeed the most sustainable companies are obtaining greater annual profits and, “sustainability and competitiveness are no longer incompatible” he said.

For its part, the European Commission supports sustainability in construction through green public procurement and tools such as the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), that supports investments in infrastructure projects.

Daniel Calleja Crespo, DG ENVI, European Commission


He was followed by Mr. Claude Van Rooten, President of the World Road Association who presented the future challenges of the road sector and indicated the use of recycled aggregates in the new concrete pavements as a key issue.

Claude Van Rooten, President, PIARC

Mr. Steve Phillips (Conference of European Directors of Roads), Mr. Christophe Nicodème (European Union Road Federation), Mr. Thierry Goger (Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories) and by video, Mr. Gerald Voigt (American Concrete Pavement Association) and Mr. Jeffery Roesler (International Society for Concrete Pavements) shared a few words on their history and collaboration with EUPAVE.

Stéphane Nicoud, EUPAVE President

Mr. Stéphane Nicoud, President of EUPAVE, ended the speeches with a look into the future of the Association, “[we] will do more and better in the forthcoming ten years”, and presented EUPAVE’s brand new website (www.eupave.eu) and refreshed logo.




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