About us

Who we are

EUPAVE is a not-for-profit association, with the objective of promoting all aspects of cement and concrete products for transport infrastructure and related areas, and in particular the specific contributions of cement and concrete to road safety, fuel consumption, congestion reduction and sustainable construction, amongst others.

Our members

  • Cement companies
  • National cement and/or concrete associations
  • International cement and/or concrete associations
  • Associations of contractors; associations of designers, engineering bureaus
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Admixture suppliers
  • Other companies or natural persons

Our mission

Advocate and enable wider use of cement and concrete applications in European transport infrastructure by engaging with EU, national and local decision makers, by disseminating technical know-how and communicating benefits and by promoting innovation and best practices in the sector

Our partners

  • Road construction engineers
  • Research institutes and academia
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Natural persons (professionals)

The cement and concrete applications include (non exhaustive list)

  • in situ cast concrete;
  • concrete paving blocks, flags and any other precast items;
  • hydraulically bound base and sub-base layers;
  • soil improvement and soil stabilisation;
  • in situ pavement recycling.

The areas related to transport infrastructure include (non exhaustive list)

  • motorways, trunk roads, secondary roads, farm roads;
  • tunnels;
  • bicycle paths, walking paths;
  • urban areas, streets and places;
  • railways, tramways, bus lanes;
  • airfields;
  • heavy duty pavements for ports and industries;
  • industrial floors;
  • safety barriers, noise reducing devices, kerbs, gutters.

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