SLOCEM Slovenian Cement Producers Association was founded in 2003 and connects two cement producers in Slovenia, Salonit Anhovo and Lafarge Cement Trbovlje.

On 1st July 2004 after Slovenia became a member of the European Community, the Association became a full member of CEMBUREAU. The Association's headquarter is in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. General Managers of both cement plants are the members of the Board; one of them is President of the Board with a two-year mandate.

Lojzka Reščič, Executive Secretary of SLOCEM, reports that “At the beginning the main goal of the association was co-operation with European cement association but in last year our activities were more re-oriented to the promotion of all aspects of cement and concrete as a sustainable material in construction. In 2013 we launched a first event in Slovenia on the issue “Concrete and sustainable construction”. The first theme was “Concrete pavements”, where we presented good practice from foreign countries with a lot of experience on concrete pavement, such as Belgium, Austria and Poland. In 2014 our plan is to continue promotion of the advantages of concrete focused on decision making people. In Slovenia only very small amount of pavements is built with concrete, so there is a good opportunity for further developments.”

To achieve goals SLOCEM works in co-operation with Slovenian Concrete Association, Faculties of Civil Engineering, Construction institutes and GBC Green Building Council of Slovenia.