16 000 m² fibremix concrete


EUPAVE organised on October 21st, in close cooperation with its Dutch member Cement&BetonCentrum, a technical seminar and excursion on the application of fibremix concrete platforms for heavy traffic at a service station on the A67 near Venlo.

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The former border station at the north side of the A67 is, by order of the regional Highway Authorities, being reconstructed to a newly designed public service station. The pavement for the parking platforms for trucks and cars will be executed in fibremix concrete and has a total surface of 16 000 m².
This is the first project in which fibremix concrete is applied on such a large scale.

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Previous to the site visit, more then 50 participants from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium were informed about the technical aspects on the design and execution of this project as well as on the particular characteristics of this specific concrete mixture.

The newly designed service station consists of a gas station, a shop and a restaurant, 108 parking places for heavy traffic and 77 parking places for cars. Futhermore, there are parking places for buses, cars with caravans and also a 3 000 m² platform for special transport.

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The 16m wide concrete platforms are executed in two lanes of 8 m width, connected by steel bars every 1m. These bars are hydraulically injected into the still fresh concrete pavement.

The thickness of the pavement is 25 cm, concrete quality C35/45, cement type CEM II B-V 42,5.


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