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Sustainable construction

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Thinking in terms of sustainable development by integrating social, economical and environmental issues in the decision process is the only right way to face today’s challenges. In the field of transport infrastructure, cement and concrete applications can offer sustainable solutions that contribute considerably to reach these goals.

Cement and concrete’s credentials concern:

  • Durability and longevity, constituting a cost-effective and environmental advantage;
  • Safe and comfortable surfaces;
  • Techniques of soil treatment and land remediation;
  • Permeable pavements;
  • Recyclability of concrete;
  • Use of low energy cements;
  • Lower fuel consumption for heavy trucks;
  • Reduced lighting costs and urban heat island effect;
  • No danger of leaching.

While most people are actually convinced that concrete is the economically favourable solution, when taking into account the whole-life cost including maintenance and if possible the road user costs, it has become just as important to show that concrete pavements are also an environmental-friendly and sustainable option in road construction.

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