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How “Enhancing Concrete Durability”? Takeaway from EUPAVE’s Webinar, 15 February 2022


On Tuesday 15th February 2022 EUPAVE held a technical webinar entitled “Enhancing Concrete Durability”, which focused on different types of protection systems for concrete surfaces

Mr. Luc Rens, Managing-Director of EUPAVE, opened the event by welcoming the participants and presenting EUPAVE and its activities. Luc also outlined the context of surface protection products, both in Europe with the EN 1504-2 standard and on the basis of an American classification of “penetrating sealers”.

Presentation: Introduction

Mr. Michael E. Ayers, President of Global Pavement Consultants, Inc. and Mr. Radi Al-Rashed, President & CEO of International Chem-Crete Co. started by presenting Chem-Crete and its waterproofing technologies. They specifically focused on two of their products: the topically applied PAVIX CCC-100, a dual crystalline “sealer”, and MCE, an intermixed multi-crystalline enhancer. A large amount of information from laboratory testing and field trials was presented.

Mr. Oleg Tataru, Head of Aerodrome Service, Moldova presented the work done at the Chisinau International Airport.

Presentation: “Pavement Preservation and Sustainability Benefits of Using Dual and Multi-Crystalline Technologies


Mrs. Sylvie Smets, Researcher and Technology Advisor at the Belgian Road Research Centre explained the “Influence of hydrophobic impregnation on resistance of road concrete to de-icing salt“. She started with a quick introduction and presented laboratory results, results from on-site samples and the effect of curing and ageing of the concrete on the scaling resistance of the surface.

Presentation: “Influence of hydrophobic impregnation on resistance of road concrete to de-icing salt

The event closed with a Q&A and conclusion remarks by Luc Rens: “In specific situations, e.g. concrete with no air entrainer, and for specific applications e.g. airfields, the use of surface protection systems are definitely recommended. They are able to significantly improve the quality of the concrete surface and to extend the service-life of the pavement. However, the use of a penetrating sealer should never be a pretext for a lesser quality concrete!”

You can find the recording on our YouTube channel.

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