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EUPAVE present at FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting


FEHRL (the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories) organised the 2017 FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting (FIRM17) from 5-7 April 2017. The programme included an engaging mix of reports on research projects and discussion about policy for the future of the road network.

EUPAVE Secretary General, Karl Downey, and Carsten Karcher of EAPA presented the joint EUPAVE-EAPA-FEHRL position paper on the link between the state of the road network and CO2 emissions from vehicles. The publication highlights that road pavements have a key contribution to make in reducing CO2 emissions and shows how an upgrade of one third of the entire road network of Europe by 2030 could lead to yearly savings of 14 million tonnes of CO2. If two thirds of the network were upgraded, this could be 28 million tonnes of CO2 saved yearly.

For more information, read FEHRL’s report here.

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