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NEW FACT SHEET! How “high albedo” contributes to reduction of carbon emissions from road transport


Following the release of our infographic “Concrete Pavements make roads more sustainable”, EUPAVE’s working group on Environmental Strategy has decided to release fact sheets focusing on its different items.


The first document looks deeper into the high albedo effect:

“Albedo is the ability of a surfact to reflect light rays. In case of a light-coloured concrete surface, more energy is reflected in the atmosphere compared to a black surface, which absorbs the heat. The high albedo of concrete pavements offers several benefits.”

The high albedo of concrete pavements offers several benefits:

  1. Slowing down the global heating
  2. Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)
  3. Saving cost and energy for road lighting
  4. Offering a better visibility


Find more information in our fact sheet:



The next fact sheets will focus on fuel consumption and recyclability. 

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