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EUPAVE welcomes new partner, Roos Groep!


Roos Groep is a family business which was established over 60 years ago. During these years we’ve become specialists in infrastructural projects, with a focus on The Netherlands and Belgium. Among several other things, pouring concrete is this innovative company’s profession. Since 2019 we have been using the newest Leica systems on our concrete pavers to deliver the highest possible quality. To make sure everything from start to finish is realised in the most efficient way possible, we have the entire process under one roof. From designing and developing, to pouring the concrete surface, cutting and filling the joints.

What we offer:

  • Concrete slipform paving;
  • Infrastructural solutions;
  • Diamond cutting, sawing and drilling;
  • Applying joint fillers;
  • Concrete repairs;
  • Dowel and tie-bar installation.

https://roosgroep.nl / https://roosgroep.de /

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