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INVITATION TO EUPAVE WEBINAR “Optimal compaction for a durable concrete surface”


Thursday 9 March 2023
15:30 – 17:00 (Brussels time)


The webinar will include 3 presentations.

Mr. Paul Jaworski from Minnich Manufacturing will give a presentation on “Applied Vibration against Concrete Mechanical Resistance and its Impact on Carbon Neutrality”.

Dr. Michael Ayers, President of Global Pavement Consultants, Inc will introduce the “Optimal Compaction for a Durable Concrete Surface – Cases of Problems and Remediations”.

Mr. Rory Keogh, Managing Director of Gomaco will speak about “Slipform Paving with Auto-Vib”.

The introduction and closing remarks will be given by Mr. Luc Rens, Managing Director of EUPAVE.

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