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PREMCRETE joins EUPAVE as Associate Member


Premcrete is a manufacturer of concrete repair products, mortars, grouts and special concretes. We are specialists in concrete carriageway repair and bay replacement materials. We can provide rapid return to service in overnight reinstatement projects. We are market leaders in Structural Waterproofing and Gas Protection for sub and super structures. Premcrete are committed to excellence and strive every day to achieve the highest level of quality possible in our designs, our technical advice and services. When designing waterproofing and gas protection systems there is only once chance to get it right and it is certainly important to get it right first time. Our zero tolerance policy on quality combined with the use of our innovative quality control systems sets us apart and enables us to achieve a very high standard of quality within every facet of our service.

Waterproofing and Gas Protection | Premcrete

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