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NEW FACT SHEET! How concrete pavements contribute to a reduction of fuel consumption


Following the release of our infographic “Concrete Pavements make roads more sustainable”, EUPAVE’s working group on Environmental Strategy has decided to release fact sheets focusing on its different items.

The first document looked deeper into the high albedo effect. You can find it here.



The topic of the second fact sheet is “Less Fuel Consumption”.

Fuel consumption is not only influenced by the vehicle (type of engine, aerodynamic profile, tyres,…) but also by the pavement it is driving on. The factors related to the surface of the pavement are the evenness, the surface texture and the deflection.

While texture and evenness can be made the same for asphalt and concrete roads, this is not the case for deflection.





The third and fourth fact sheets will have for theme “100% recycling” and “climate resilience”.

All fact sheets will be presented during EUPAVE’s EU event of 9 December 2020.



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